The Preservation Specialist

Prolonging freshness, that fleeting taste and texture, is the single-minded mission of Sub-Zero. It is more than just a refrigerator: it is a suite of food preservation technologies that guards food’s freshness longer. Sub-Zero offers the most sizes of any brand and infinite ways to customize. Preserve what matters.

  • Sub-Zero pioneered, and continues to advance, this innovative technology. Separate cooling systems ensure air is not shared between the refrigerator and freezer, optimizing humidity levels and temperatures for each. This simple idea makes a big difference in the freshness and flavor of your food.
  • Sub-Zero’s antimicrobial air purification system scrubs the air of odors, mold, viruses, bacteria, and ethylene gas, a natural compound emitted by fresh foods that hastens spoilage.
  • Microprocessors maintain interior temperatures within one degree of the setpoint with advanced magnetic door seals around all four sides to prevent leaks and conserve energy.
  • Design a custom food preservation solution with Sub-Zero’s flexible modular units that pair flawlessly to suit any space or style.
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The Cooking Specialist

Wolf is expertly designed to skillfully wield the science behind the art of cooking with intuitive, easy-to-use technology and controls, ultimately taking the guesswork out of cooking. Borne of professional-kitchen pedigree, Wolf puts precise control in your hands so the dish you have in mind will be the dish you bring to the table. With Wolf, you can predict delicious.

  • Wolf electric ovens and their unique convection systems eliminate hot and cool spots for more consistent, predictable results
  • Eliminate guesswork with dual-stacked sealed gas burners, responsive and precise across the gamut from searing heat to delicate simmer.
  • Sleek electric and induction cooktops let you tailor the size of the cooking element to the size of the pan for uniform heating.
  • Wolf outdoor grills specialize in nuanced temperature control. The precise high to low temperature control lets you masterfully grill anything.
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The Cleaning Specialist

Cove dishwashers are built to ensure that every dish and utensil emerges from the dishwasher spotlessly clean and dry- no pre-rinsing required. Discover flexibility inside and out with a vast array of custom wash and dry options and an interior that fully adjusts to any combination of dishes. Clean with absolute confidence.

  • The dishwasher may be your hardest-working appliance, so it should be the most durable. Cove appliances are made in the USA with premium-grade materials and include a five-year warranty.
  • Custom handles. Custom cabinetry. Custom interior configurations. Cove is your flexible partner that never competes with the style of a room or the lifestyle of its owner.
  • From completely flexible interiors to near-silent operation, Cove was reengineered, from the ground up, to ensure spotlessly clean and dry dishes with every load, every time.
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The Beauty of Proper Ventilation.

At Best, our range hoods are noticed for their style, not their sound. Extremely quiet every hood has an internal and external blower that keeps kitchen air fresh no matter what’s on the menu.

  • Exquisite designs subtly integrate into kitchen design.
  • Electronic controls for simple use and care.
  • Heat Sentry feature automatically detects excessive heat and adjusts blower speed.
  • Island, chimney, professional and built-in styles allow for a multitude of design options.
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