Culinary Scene

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For those who know that food and wine can truly elevate life, we welcome you to the Culinary Scene. Here, ingredients become indulgences and wine enriches every epicurean creation. We’re cultivating a community of foodies who are as adventuresome about noshing as they are about living. Join us to discover what’s novel, notable and delectable on the culinary scene.

Farmers' Market


Discover what's fresh at the farmers' market with Chef Amy Hoyt and then incorporate it into your menu tonight. $50/person

South of the Border with Lindita


Take your taste buds South of the border with Chef Lindita Torres-Winters, host of Lindita’s Kitchen on Colorado & Company. She will show you how to master authentic corn tortillas, sopapillas, fish tacos with mango salsa, steak tacos with traditional garnish, Mexican corn on the cob and last but not least mojitos. $50/person

Get Grilling


Grilling season is in full swing! Join Executive Chef Dan Witherspoon of The Season Chef Cooking School at Roth Living for an evening of grilling on the Wolf outdoor grill. The sweet and spicy menu includes slow roasted pork loin, shrimp kabobs, barbeque chicken and a medley of fresh roasted vegetables that will keep you cooking all summer. Enjoy local craft beers with your dinner. $50/person

Upcoming Events

  1. Farmers' Market

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  2. South of the Border with Lindita

    6:00pm - 8:00pm RSVP

  3. Get Grilling

    6:00pm - 7:30pm RSVP