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For those who know that food and wine can truly elevate life, we welcome you to the Culinary Scene. Here, ingredients become indulgences and wine enriches every epicurean creation. We’re cultivating a community of foodies who are as adventuresome about noshing as they are about living. Join us to discover what’s novel, notable and delectable on the culinary scene.

An Evening with Alice Medrich and Sue Zelickson


Cooks of Crocus Hill Presents: James Beard Award-Winning Alice Medrich has received more cookbook of the year awards than just about any author. Her latest book, Flavor Flours, is sure to add to her tremendous list of accomplishments. Local James Beard Award Winner, Sue Zelickson is a huge fan of Alice. Together, they'll host a wonderful evening of stories, food and conversation. $65/person. A copy of Flavor Flours is included with the purchase of a seat.

Turkey Day Prep School


The Thanksgiving tradition has been passed down to you. Congratulations. Now what do you do? Chef Mike will teach you how to make a great Thanksgiving meal that satisfies tradition—and your hungry relatives. $55 per person

Standout Holiday Cookies


Swoon-worthy cookies are a highlight of the holiday season. So, kick up your skills by joining Chef Bonnie from Cooks of Crocus Hill at Roth Living for some inventive new favorites—from a gluten-free Swedish charmer to a light and airy cream wafer. $55/person

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  1. An Evening with Alice Medrich and Sue Zelickson

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  2. Turkey Day Prep School

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  3. Standout Holiday Cookies

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