Culinary Scene

We welcome you to the Culinary Scene — a place to gather with friends, try a new recipe, and explore a world of flavor. At Roth living, we are as passionate about creating memories as we are about connecting you with appliances that perfectly suit your lifestyle. Join in on the fun or sit back and let our chefs guide the way. You're in for a treat!

Culinary Scene

Seasonal Hard Cider Matchups

Hard cider

When the weather turns crisp, so do the apples. That means it's hard cider season, and what better way to celebrate than with some knockout pairings? Join Chef Colin as he showcases a number of local and national cider picks and matches them up with savory dishes that welcome the best of autumn. Why eat your apples when you can drink them?

Fall Baking Favorites

Fall baking  shutterstock

When the weather turns cooler, it's the perfect time to get the kitchen warmed back up. Let's kick off the season with baking. Chef Cynthia showcases some of her favorites, with treats that are easy to make but ridiculously impressive and delicious for your guests. It's a perfect dive into fresh baking ideas before the holiday onslaught.

Thanksgiving Reinvented

Mi turkey deconstruction dinner plate meal istock

The traditional late-November dishes have you feeling indifferent about the holidays? Come and get reinspired with Chef Mike as he shares his secrets for easy-but-phenomenal entrees and sides. In this hands-on class, you'll whip up some Thanksgiving dishes that are perfect for wowing your guests and putting that Turkey Day sparkle back in your kitchen.

Fantastic Holiday Confections

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Sometimes, baking can seem intimidating, with recipes that seem to have a ton steps and impossible-to-find ingredients. Welcome to the demystification process. Chef Cynthia creates some seemingly elaborate treats that are actually easy to replicate at home (but don't tell your guests that). From truffles to macaroons, you'll learn all the secrets of some top confections.

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