By: American Heart Association

Simple Pan Seared Salmon

Serves 4

4 - 6-ounce salmon fillets
Smoked or sweet paprika
Olive oil

Sprinkle the salmon fillets generously with salt and pepper, and dust with a little paprika.

Coat the bottom of a large, heavy-bottomed pan with oil, add a couple tablespoons butter and place over medium-high heat. Once the oil is hot and the butter is melted, add the salmon fillets, skin side down. Cook, without moving, until the sides are cooked just past halfway up the fillets. Flip and cook, without moving, until the sides are fully cooked, then remove from the heat for medium-rare. Serve warm.

Recipe Notes

This recipe lends itself to many kinds of spices. Try dusting the fillets with chile powder, Chinese 5-Spice, Garam Masala, Ras el Hanout, or any other favorite spice blend.