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Meet your expert

Our team is your connection to all things Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove. The purpose of our role is to provide education and support. Please reach out to your local representative for; product related questions, specifications, product availability, assistance with package selections, training and to attend any Roth Living trade events. We are dedicated to our partnership with the trade community and look forward to hearing from you!

Hanna Cilli

Hanna Cilli

Trade Representative

Sonya Cazenave

Sonya Cazenave

Builder Representative

Rosemary Merrill

Rosemary Merrill

Trade & Builder Representative

Dori Hohmann

Dori Hohmann

Builder Representative

Evelyn Haupt

Evelyn Haupt

Trade Representative

Michael Coleman

Michael Coleman

Trade & Builder Representative

Showroom front desk

The Showroom:

A seamless collaboration

At our showroom we believe in warm welcomes for you and your client. You are invited to experience Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove in a showroom unlike any other. Meet our appliance experts, view an array of options, test drive appliances, be inspired by chef-led demonstrations and make a dream kitchen come to life!

An unparalled showroom experience.

    You can expect:
  • Product experts to walk you and/or your client through a highly personalized selection process
  • Engage with our interactive appliance configurator
  • Images, specifications, preliminary pricing and model options are provided to all parties involved with the project
  • Assistance to facilitate final orders as needed
  • Ongoing support for your client post purchase
  • Executive chef available to answer product related cooking questions

Roth Living Showroom Locations

Denver Showroom

Denver Showroom

724 S Broadway

Denver, CO 80209


Kansas City Showroom

Kansas City Showroom

601 West 47th Street

Kansas City, MO 64112


St. Louis Showroom

St. Louis Showroom

7800 Clayton Road

Richmond Heights, MO 63117


Minneapolis Showroom

Minneapolis Showroom

11300 W. 47th Street

Minnetonka, MN 55343


Salt Lake City Showroom

Salt Lake City Showroom

1400 S. Foothill Drive, Suite 212

Salt Lake City, UT 84108


Roth Butterfly

The Roth Living Appliance Configurator

Roth Living created an innovative app to create personalized collections for your clients.

  • Search for any Sub-Zero, Wolf, Cove and Best product
  • Once the collection is saved, all collaborators will receive a copy of all product specifications
  • Contextually visualize any available configuration
  • Quickly compare models and styles available
  • Arrange products together by room or project area
  • Accessories available for each product are listed
  • Easily communicate to clients the products that best fit their lifestyle
  • Streamline information to all project contributors
  • Clients can quickly see their vision
  • Decisions with clients can be made efficiently
  • Keep information organized
  • Details are readily available

Contact your Trade Representative for more information about the Roth Living Appliance Configurator.

Reveal is a program by Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove designed specifically for the trade to access the detailed specifications needed for their custom installations.

Intuitive and comprehensive, this web-based program allows for you to browse, select, pair appliances together, and send brochures with exact specifications to clients, installers, cabinet makers, builders, and other collaborators.


Spec App by Sub-Zero

Kitchen image
Mobile spec app

Instantly access the specs you need at the job site. Check plumbing and electrical placement and exact openings. Get illustrations with front view, side view and top view.

New products and spec changes updated almost immediately.

Explore more tools

Contact your trade representative for tips and tricks on utilizing these tools in your field.

Additionally, visit for a comprehensive list of all tools available including installation videos, brochure maker and more.

Roth Butterfly

Our Rewards Program

Two Ways to Earn up to $500

  1. Referrals and Invoiced Quotes


    Roth Living showroom visit


    Virtual consultation with a Roth Living Showroom Consultant or Trade Representative

    For each qualifying client referral you will receive $250!

    *One referral claim per client


    Specify a full appliance package on the Roth Living Appliance configurator and once it invoices at the dealer, you will receive $250.

    Invoiced Roth Living Quotes:

    Once a full package quote invoices at the dealer, you will receive an additional $250!

    Please note, Roth Living quotes of any type must be dated prior to the dealer invoice date.

    You are eligible for $500 per client if you qualify in the first two categories!

  2. Roth Living Configurator Quotes Converted to Dealer Invoice

    Create a Roth Living configurator quote to specify appliances for your client to qualify. Once the qualifying package invoices at the dealer, you will be eligible for the $500 reward!

    *Rewards for configurator quotes converted may not be combined with the referral claim.

    Criteria: All reward claims require a full package quote (includes any full size refrigeration + any size range or any size wall oven with any size range-top or 24”+ size cook-top). Two 15” module cook-tops qualify as a cook-top.

    For every package a dishwasher (Cove) is included in the sale, you will be entered to WIN a Cove dishwasher for your personal use. A company wide drawing will be held at the beginning of July & the end of December!

    - Multi-unit projects do not qualify for either program.

    - Roth Living selling Kitchen Dealers do not qualify for either reward.

    - Qualifying referral & invoice dates are January 1st-December 31st, 2021.

    - Qualifying Showroom referrals will be paid within 30 days of the showroom visit.

    - All claims must be invoiced no later than April 30, 2022.

    The program can be terminated or modified at any time.

  • Roth logo

    Step 1: Contact Roth Living

    Contact your local trade/builder representative for program details or submit your W-9 to RothDesignRewards
    to complete your registration.

  • Sub Zero logo

    Step 2: Complete Program Requirements:

    Dealer Invoiced Roth Living Quote ($250) (Or) Roth Living Configurator Quotes Converted to Dealer Invoice ($500) *All rewards require a full package. See program details.

  • Wolf logo

    Step 3: Submit your completed Sub-Zero, Wolf and Cove projects to RothDesignRewards

    - A copy of the dealer invoice converted from the Roth Living quote

    - Emailed version of the configurator quote and dealer invoice